Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Your business is still not on Internet then start now before it’s too late!

It is quite surprising to hear that in this net savvy age where the number of internet users has crossed the big figure of 450 million; your business is still deprived of the tremendous traits of internet. 

India is country where the uses of internet and smartphones are increasing by leaps and bounds and where more than 40% population is from 20 years to 35 years. According to various stats there are around 450 million Internet and 300 million smart phones users in India. India is a big market of Internet and if your business is still not on the realm of Internet, it means you are losing a good sum of potential customers as you turning a blind eye to one of the most influential and emerging segment of market. 

You are working your fingers to the bone to promote your business and bring huge profits in return but sadly you are not giving a good consideration to such a big platform which is high in demand. If truth to be told, in the current age of net if you are not online, you are certainly nowhere and quite possibly you will lag behind of your competitors as they are already there on the pitch of internet and have captured the trend so strongly. There are more than 100 million business have been registered on Internet; so, quite possibly your competitors may be one of them. So, before it gets too late and your rivals surpass you so far, wake up and step ahead to register your business online. 

Still unable to finalize your decision of being online? Don’t want to come out of the stereotype tradition of trading from the local market and fly in the open sky of internet? Well, before focusing more on the importance of internet in the 21st century, let’s first focus on those reasons that prevent your business to be online. 

Your business is going good - I have met many people in my life who are going good in their businesses and they have enough money to invest in online businesses but still they are not interested in taking their trade to the internet arena. Whenever I ask them to take their business on Internet and explore new opportunities, they just smile and reply, “we don’t need it at the moment as we are getting very god business and busy with managing current work and don’t have enough time to even think for this”. I always tell them, “I know you are getting good businesses but it’s high time to consider about online advantages as you are ignoring a big market base. If you do so, quite possibly in next 5 to 10 years you may be obsolete in the industry and your competitors would grab most of future opportunities.”
Here I would like to put an example of my friend who is CA from profession. He has been gaining ground in this field for years and not planning to switch to any other segment in near future but the sad part here is that he is just dealing from the local market only and not planning to dive into the tremendous benefits of internet. When I ask him to explore the thriving opportunities of internet and make him recognized on the online market, he simply replies “I need not it this time as I am already gaining the good profits”. Of course, he is telling the truth and getting the good profits presently but he is unable to forecast what may happen in coming future. May be after a few years or a decade there may be no place for local dealers as everything is turning digitalized day by day. So, it is better to be ready toady to enjoy tomorrow!.

If you are also like my friend or one of those lucky people who are getting good businesses and revenue with their offline marketing source, think of being taking your business online today before it gets too late as currently you have opportunity to grab new market and generate new revenue for your business. Start investing in Internet marketing and go ahead of your competitors now!

Lack of Awareness of Internet Industry - If you are not tech savvy or still do not know the value of Internet for your businesses, it’s time to start some study and research. There are various sources from where you can study about potential of Internet businesses. There are a variety of tools that provide stats and data about potential customers.

You are lazy - Oh Come on! Wake up man! In the era of technology and cut throat competition, no one can afford to be lazy. Apart from doing regular work for your business, give sometime on finding new way of marketing, enhance your business skills and adopt new things. If you do not change yourself, time will change you.

You are scared - Most of the people are often scared to go on a new way. If someone comes to you and say, hey man, invest some money for your business and you will get good return, more often than not, you believe in his words and go with his idea. However, you don’t want to invest in anything about which you are not getting any guarantee of good return as you are scared to loss and this is one of big reasons you don’t want to invest any money for Internet marketing.

Lack of Fund! - You have a good understanding of Internet business but you don’t have a good sum of money to invest as you feel you need to invest for a longer time. It’s time to show some courage and start investing in Internet businesses as it will give you new options.

This is all about the reasons that pull you back from reaping the rewards of being online. Now, let’s throw light on the ever increasing importance of internet and why your business must be on Internet.

Explore New Market - As I have stated above that more than 500 million internet users are there in India and you need to explore new audience. In the era of technology, most of the people are using internet to fulfil their daily demands like for finding the local doctors, real estate, plumbers, furnitures and many more. In such a scenario, if your business is not on Internet, it means you are loosing those customers who prefer the online mode to get their daily needs. So, it’s time to setup your business on Internet to explore new market.

Go Global - Internet has no boundary and you can expand your business area through Internet. For example, if you are getting business only from those who are coming on your local shop, of course, you are giving a good chance to your competitors to lure your customers and entice them to their business. It’s time to go global and attract the customers across the cities, states and nations. 

Low Start Up Cost  - While there is a huge market and opportunity of Internet and the setup cost is also very low. Hence, you can start your Internet businesses at minimum cost. 

Get Good ROI! - The most important thing about online business is that you will get good return for your every investment as it does not matter what you invest. You just need to start in right direction with right people.

Stay Ahead from your competitors - Choosing internet for your business will always keep you ahead of your competitors. If your business is on Internet, it means you are using latest tools for your business in terms of reaping new business opportunities.

Improve Business/Brand Awareness - Internet not merely helps into bringing new business but also help in improving your brands. As there are many social media channels where you can get direct feedback from your customers and connect with them on real time. 

Update with latest market and trend - You are using Internet for your business it means you are using latest technique for selling your product and services and engaging with clients. It will help you improve future business prospect and services.

Easy to follow up - You can do follow up with your clients with latest technology like email, WhatsApp and the other social media tools. You can send them your new offers and schemes time to time. 

How To Start Your Business On Internet?

Easy to start - Internet is not a mystery and anybody can start their business easily on Internet. You just need to do a little research or some study and you are ready to start. Just hire any Internet marketing company who can assist you to how to start your business on Internet. 

Setup a Website - If you have a business and you want to start it on Internet, you must have a website first. The website is the platform where you can showcase your business, products and services. What you are, what you do and what you want to sell. If you are new, you can start with small website which is very low cost and you can easily setup it with the help of any Internet marketing or web designing company.

Do Local Business Listing - Now there are many B2B companies who provide free listing and you can list your business there. For example justdial, OLX and many more where you can list your business and people can reach to you or your website. Google also allows this facility free of cost and you can list your website or business there. Even you can list your business on these platforms without having a website.

Connect with Social Media - Social media is the most powerful tool to communicate in real time. Bring your business on social media with the help of creating your business profiles over there. You can do it yourself by doing a little study or hiring a social media company or Internet marketing company and they will help you out with the further procedure.

Start investing on Internet Marketing - Investing money on Internet for business could be a good practice. So, start investing as per your available budget. You can start with low budget or high budget for quick results. There are many companies and professionals who can consult you for investing right amount and getting return accordingly.  You just need to open your eye and understand the world of Internet.

Why are you still sitting idle? Wake up dear! It’s time to step ahead and register your presence on the realm of internet!