Thursday, April 5, 2012

Save your websites from Over SEO

Over the period what we have realized that keyword and article abuse is the new thing on Google. The SEO companies or business groups which get articles written for SEO do not realize that they are meaningless content or too many keywords on a page. This is not a wise thing to do, originality and being unique is the key to success.
Whenever you are writing an article or commissioning someone to write on your behalf, make sure it has a good content and sends across some relevant message. The usual problem which is witnessed is—writers copy and rehash or rephrase the content. Your article will be immediately rejected if it is copied and lack originality.

Meaning of save your websites from over SEOs
By this we mean that get to SEO writing but do not overdo it. This is very true that you would not get due traffic unless and until you get proactive and let people know through backlinks and other source.

But for this there is no need to insert many keywords in a piece, there should not be more than 2 or 3 links in an article. Otherwise it is considered to be over use of SEO writing and fails to qualify for the PR or page rank. Google Algorithm is the new methodology by which they would check the redundancy of SEO usage. If found there is a great chance that your article would not get submitted. Be chary of this uncertainty and always be original and comprehensive in your approach.
Write a piece which draws the interest of the writers, arouse their feelings and thus force them to give a visit to their site.

Do you really need an SEO company?
To create an original piece on your product do you really need an SEO company. As far as our understanding goes there is no need. After all who would know better about your product—you or some anonymous writer? Definitely it is you!
Yes, but there are times when you are not sure about your writing or are unsure of how to create an SEO piece. Yet our suggestion is before getting judgmental, it is better to try your hands on it. Still if you are unsatisfied, appoint a good and reliable SEO company—someone who does justice with your product or the idea.
The writer should not lift matter from here and there and should not overdo with keywords or backlinks. Learn your basics and hire a company which has an understanding about SEO writing.