Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tips on Social Media Content Creation

In how many ways you try to convince your customers to buy your services/ products? One ? Hundreds? Or thousands of ways? But one factor that always remains the backbone of your selling strategy is the ‘Interactive and Informative content’. Developing content for Social Media is something that you can’t take carelessly, especially when Social Media is your important-looking initiative to grab more prospects.

Whether in text, audio, video or art form, Social Media content must strike an emotional chord with potential customers while meeting your business interest. Here are some practices that can help you:

Curate content for customer satisfaction
When people choose to drop on your provided-information, it’s because you have succeeded to differentiate yourself from the competition. So always recommend material that merits your objective, be it business or social. People love grabbing things that contextually shows the relevancy as per their needs.

Build balance between your offerings and user’s interest
Give your users something to eat…adding a good proportion of spice in your content can really help you in generating interest. And the chances are they will likely to pass it to others and your content may get repeated again and again on the same channel as well other platforms.

Follow a schedule
People show interest when they keep getting regular updates. Maintain consistency while publishing new and fresh content to stay in the groove and also in minds of your existing users. It not only helps you grow a loyal customer base, but also gives you an opportunity to add new ones.

Call for action
Make sure you accurately land your potential customers from Social platform to your core selling process so that no opportunity can be wasted to sell yourself.

Engaging with the wind of social media can positively enhance the reach, relevancy and credibility of your brand. But remember, social media content is a multichannel dialogue that demands caution and timely responses to users’ queries and comments.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Save your websites from Over SEO

Over the period what we have realized that keyword and article abuse is the new thing on Google. The SEO companies or business groups which get articles written for SEO do not realize that they are meaningless content or too many keywords on a page. This is not a wise thing to do, originality and being unique is the key to success.
Whenever you are writing an article or commissioning someone to write on your behalf, make sure it has a good content and sends across some relevant message. The usual problem which is witnessed is—writers copy and rehash or rephrase the content. Your article will be immediately rejected if it is copied and lack originality.

Meaning of save your websites from over SEOs
By this we mean that get to SEO writing but do not overdo it. This is very true that you would not get due traffic unless and until you get proactive and let people know through backlinks and other source.

But for this there is no need to insert many keywords in a piece, there should not be more than 2 or 3 links in an article. Otherwise it is considered to be over use of SEO writing and fails to qualify for the PR or page rank. Google Algorithm is the new methodology by which they would check the redundancy of SEO usage. If found there is a great chance that your article would not get submitted. Be chary of this uncertainty and always be original and comprehensive in your approach.
Write a piece which draws the interest of the writers, arouse their feelings and thus force them to give a visit to their site.

Do you really need an SEO company?
To create an original piece on your product do you really need an SEO company. As far as our understanding goes there is no need. After all who would know better about your product—you or some anonymous writer? Definitely it is you!
Yes, but there are times when you are not sure about your writing or are unsure of how to create an SEO piece. Yet our suggestion is before getting judgmental, it is better to try your hands on it. Still if you are unsatisfied, appoint a good and reliable SEO company—someone who does justice with your product or the idea.
The writer should not lift matter from here and there and should not overdo with keywords or backlinks. Learn your basics and hire a company which has an understanding about SEO writing.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

We all must against SOPA to protect our online freedom

If you've visited the Internet today, you know that SOPA and PIPA are being protested by companies like Google, Craigslist, Reddit and thousands of others. To them, I say, "Thank You." It's not often that the web's interests align so clearly with the principles of economic and political freedom, and I appreciate those who are recognizing it today, along with those who'll continue the fight in the future.

I'd also strongly recommend that everyone concerned about this take heed of Joe Brockmeier's wise words on the topic (via RWW):

I'm glad that all of these organizations are taking a stand. But invoking what some call the "nuclear option" is only going to be so effective. Even if SOPA/PIPA are stopped this year, they'll be back under new names next year. The entertainment industry can afford to keep at it, knowing that the public's attention span is extremely short. The lobbyists who work on things like SOPA are paid to press these things through Congress. They can focus on them year after year, while the voting public has to make a conscious effort to keep tabs on their representatives.

Informing people about SOPA and asking that they call their representatives is all well and good, but it doesn't go nearly far enough.

What the SOPA protesters should say is that even if SOPA goes down in flames, it's not over. It's never over. Further, the public can not rely on mainstream media to warn them of this sort of legislation. This is doubly true when the legislation is supported by the same organizations that own the media.

Sure, call your representative and senators today. Protest SOPA and PIPA. But beyond that, keep paying attention to what your elected officials are doing. Spend a little more time paying attention to your government, even if it means spending a little less time on entertainment activities.

Today's events are a great step in helping to raise public awareness, but there is real danger in the long term, and advocates must take action more than just today. That said, I've personally signed the petition at American Censorship, and if your beliefs align, I'd encourage you to consider it.

SOPA + PIPA are real threats to Internet freedom, commerce, content and the marketing profession not just in the US, but worldwide (another troubling and terrifying issue that Moz isn't really the place to discuss). I support all those helping to keep the web the amazing place it's become and will put our names, our votes and our dollars to use stopping those who'd legislate against web freedom to help the wallets of self-interested non-innovators.