Sunday, August 22, 2010

Google AdWords Some New Features

If you are busy with your AdWords campaign, you must well know about some new features of Google AdWords. Google launching some new features for your AdWords. The all six features described as follows

1.AdWords Campaign Expriments (ACE) – This tools, which is currently in beta process, through this tools you can test and measures changes to your keywords, AdWords biding, ad group and placements. You can run your existing campaign alongside an experimental campaign.

2.Analyze Competition Feature – This new tool allow you to see the how your campaign performance compares to the average performance of other users. Google evaluate this as CTR (Click Through Rate), average position and impressions.

3.Ad Sitelinks - You can add additional links to pages within your site in your ads, this will helpful to appear your ad at the top of the search result. You can get more clicks if you offer more option to your users. Google will launch this feature in November with some new characteristics.

4.Keyword Diagnostic Tools – This new tool lets you see which of your PPC keywords are currently prompting your ads to show, and why the other keywords aren’t spurring ads. You can access trough from the More Actions drop-down menu within the Keyword tab.

5.Broad Match Modifier – This new AdWords management feature lets you create keywords that are more targeted than broad match and have a greater reach than phrase or exact match. To implement this feature, you put plus sign (+) in front of one or more words in a broad match keywords.

6.Reports Moving to Campaign Tab -The AdWords Report Center is slowly being phased out as performance reports are moved onto the Campaigns tab. According to Google, it’s best to put performance information on the same page where you manage your campaign.

7.Google Ad News – Google Ad News offer you advertising news, news related to AdWords.